The Hills Are Alive Tree Planting Project is an environmental sustainability initiative that will contribute to tens of thousands of indigenous tress being planted throughout regional victoria over the coming years.

Through partnership with the Bass Coast Landcare Network, The Hills Are Alive provides funding (generated through the sale of car passes at our festivals) and people-power to work on existing, strategically planned tree-planting projects within the local area that our festivals are held.

These trees will have a substantial impact on both improving the land on which we have the honour of living and partying as well as contributing to the carbon offsetting of our Hills' events. They will also look pretty darn lovely once they've grown!

To assist with the planting of the trees, each year we will host ‘The Hills Are Alive Annual Tree Planting Day’ which anyone who has been involved with or attended our festivals is welcome to be part of. These days will involve 3-4 hours of tree planting followed by a celebration at the Hill where we will host a couple of DJ’s/musicians and provide free drinks and food for everyone who takes part. You’ll be welcome to camp the night as well.

The first ever The Hills Are Alive Tree Planting Day is taking place on Saturday the 14th September 2019. We have room for 50 volunteers and would love you to join us. It's first in best dressed and you can register to be part of the team by completing the below registration:

See you on the hill(s).


The Farmer